The wind turns

 Quite a fresh easterly breeze, generally sunny.The easterlies are set till Tuesday and Pete (M) advises that it could bring some good land birds in, with a reasonable possibility of Yellow-Browed Warbler.Grey Wagtail ringing surprise re-trap (PM)…

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Start a new adventure with Geocaching

Ribble Rivers Trust
Start a new adventure with Geocaching
Have you heard of ‘Geocaching’? If not, you’ve been missing out! Geocaching is an exciting treasure hunt, which takes place in a hidden outdoor world that is literally all aroundContinue reading…

Vis picks up again

 A new wave of migrating birds moved through and over Middleton NR today.Vis 0630-1230Pink-footed Goose 316 in 5 flocksTeal 5Snipe 2Carrion Crow 2Swallow 10Mistle Thrush 1Grey Wagtail 17alba wagtail 8Meadow Pipit 275Linnet 5Redpll sp 3Siskin 12Ree…

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Scratching The Surface.

Tip of the iceberg stuff in the expanse that is the Forest of Bowland, where we’ll never know the true picture on the status of birds, in particular my very own favourite. A trip up the west and east sides of Hawthornthwaite Fell earlier in t…

Bearded Bonanza Beckons

 Although the days still feel rather summery just now, we are definitely seeing increased signs of autumn around the reserve. And of course, one of the highlights of the seasonal change is the annual bearded tit grit tray festival! (Note: not an actual festival).
As insect numbers dwindle, the bearded tits prepare to change their diet to one of seeds to help to survive the winter months. It’s difficult not to hear (and with a little patience) see ‘beardies’ at the moment as family groups bounce through the reedbeds ‘pinging’ away.
In anticipation of the birds’ dietary change we provide grit trays; changing a summer diet of insects to a winter one of seeds means that the birds need to gather grit in their crop to help them digest the hard seeds.
By providing a supply of grit we can help them in this process while simultaneously allowing visitors to get the chance to observe these often elusive reedbed dwellers at close quarters. More importantly, we are able to monitor the health and success of the Leighton Moss population thanks to an ongoing colour-ringing scheme.
  This morning the wardens were out cutting the area to allow a clear view of the grit trays from the observation platform that we created so that visitors can see these magical and rare birds.
Ordinarily, people pack onto this platform but with social distancing guidelines in place we are asking birdwatchers to be patient and to give each other plenty of space.
There is enough room for three people to comfortably occupy the platform at any one time and we expect visitors will be mindful of others and allow access to those waiting once the birds have been seen. We thank you all in anticipation of a great experience for all.
For the latest sightings updates, please check in with our welcome team upon arrival.
If you are fortunate enough to see or photograph any bearded tits with colour rings please pass on the colour ring sequence (both legs is preferable) by emailing or
We are planning a series of unique guided walks (limited numbers available) to further enhance your experience of these stunning birds – keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts for details coming soon!
Other sightings
Elsewhere on the reserve the garganeys continued to tease birders on the Causeway Pool and the expected build up of waders at the Eric Morecambe and Allen Pools continued apace. Highlights included curlew sandpiper, ruff and greenshank along with huge numbers of little egrets and up to seven great white egrets. Kingfishers also put in frequent appearances as do peregrines but it appears that we may have seen the last of the ospreys for this year.
With easterly winds in the offing, we could be in for something out of the ordinary in the next few days so do keep an eye out for any oddities and do please pass on your sightings to us!

French Letter

Here on Another Bird Blog we have featured the long running saga of the Turtle Dove and France on a number of occasions.  Recently we also highlighted the issue of birdlime (or “glue”) hunting in France. Now it seems that France has at last d…

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Back to normal

 Calm early on then an easterly breeze freshened and shifted to NE. Sunny till mid afternoon then overcast.Middleton Nature Reserve (JM. AD)After the ringing bonanza yesterday, this morning was a disappointment. Weather conditions were not quite r…

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Even more going on today

Very light variable breezes, very warm after the sun got highMiddleton Nature Reserve (JR. PM)NE F1, mostly thin cloud with sun breaking through later in the morning and then becoming quite hot. Vis was recorded during a ringing session but is probably…

Ribble Rivers Trust 2020-09-15 15:10:21

Ribble Rivers Trust

Since Ribble Rivers Trust revealed that we are lucky enough to be working with Brew Dog as part of their plan to Make Earth Great Again we have had some awesomeContinue reading
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Quite a lot going on today

 Very light breeze started from the south then made its way clockwise around the compass to end in the east. Warm once the sun got higher, then warm all day.Middleton Nature Reserve early morningRinging report from Alan:A very clear and still morn…